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Respite Care Services Camberwell

Looking for professional respite care services for family members near Camberwell? If your family member is in need of care while you rest, Hawthorn Grange provides respite care services designed for the well-being of your loved ones.

With our team of professional caregivers, high quality facilities and a friendly atmosphere that feels like home, your loved one is in good hands. With our care team, you don’t need to worry about the finer details. We create an approach that you and your family are comfortable with.

Our daily care services include:

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Varied, high quality meals, fresh from our kitchen.

Daily activities lead by our qualified lifestyle team

Regular room cleaning

Assistance with personal care where required

Private Residential Care

Quality In-Home Respite Care Near Camberwell

At Hawthorn Grange, we understand the unique challenges families face in providing long-term care for their loved ones, especially when life’s demands increase. Our respite care services near Camberwell offer short-term accommodations and care for your relatives, offering you the needed break to recharge.

Our in-home respite services allow your loved one to receive daily living assistance in the comfort of their own home. With our team of qualified health professionals consistently providing care 24/7, we can guarantee that your loved ones are in safe hands, whether for medication management, personal hygiene or mobility assistance.

Comprehensive Daily Living Assistance Near Camberwell

Our respite care services are comprehensive and detail-oriented, ensuring that every need of your loved one is catered for. Family-owned and operated, Hawthorn Grange offers a safe and welcoming environment with genuine care for all residents, no matter the duration of their stay.

Our respite care near Camberwell goes beyond just providing a safe and comfortable environment; we offer recreational activities that promote social interaction and mental stimulation so your loved one can engage in enriching activities during their stay. We help maintain their independence and quality of life while guaranteeing health and comfort.

Why Choose Hawthorn Grange For Respite Care Services In Camberwell?

Here are some of the reasons why Hawthorn Grange stands out among other respite care services in Camberwell:

  • Personalised Care Plans: Individual plans designed specifically for your love one’s needs
  • Specialised Dementia Care: Skillful help for those with memory conditions
  • Trained Caregivers: Professional caregivers trained to provide empathetic and personalised care
  • 24/7 Support: Full-time nursing and assistance support
  • Transparent Pricing: Clear cost structures provide for informed decisions on care options
  • Location: Conveniently located for residents in Camberwell

Take A Tour

We encourage you to make the first step and book in a tour with our lovely community. We will show you the facilities, gardens, restaurant, hairdresser, movie cinema & much more.

Booking times are between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday

    How to Access Respite Care Services in Camberwell?

    Accessing our respite care services in Camberwell is easy. Firstly, give us a call at (03) 9819 5423 or visit our facility in Hawthorn to discuss your needs. We then work together with you to create a bespoke care plan that meets the specific needs of your loved one. Once everything is set, you can choose the right time for our services.

    If your loved one prefers to have in-home respite, we have a team of skilled caregivers who can provide professional care at the comfort of your home.

    Access Quality Respite Care Near Camberwell

    If you are looking for professional and empathetic respite care services near Camberwell, Hawthorn Grange is a choice you can count on. Our team will always offer you peace of mind, with an approach you can feel confident with.

    We take pride in our highly-trained caregivers, personalised care plans, comfortable facilities and a host of recreational activities designed to improve the well-being of your loved one. Call us today at (03) 9819 5423 to schedule a tour or know more about our services.

    Choose Hawthorn Grange For Quality Respite Care

    Has your family member been through an accident, and need time to recover? For respite care services near Camberwell, Hawthorn Grange is your trusted partner for quality care. By choosing us, you are choosing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for your loved one; while also giving yourself the much-needed break to recharge and rest.

    Schedule a visit to our facility in Hawthorn today and allow us to discuss how our respite care services can help you and your family. Whatever you need in terms of support, we can create a plan that works for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Respite Care Services Near Camberwell

    What is the primary focus of your respite care services near Camberwell?

    Our primary focus at Hawthorn Grange is to provide high-quality respite care services that cater to the specific needs of your loved ones. Our care plans are personalised, focusing on ensuring well-being, independence, and quality of life.

    How are the respite care services provided at your facility near Camberwell?

    Our team of professional caregivers provides comprehensive round-the-clock service. This includes administering medication, aiding in personal hygiene, mobility assistance, and providing daily living assistance. All of this can be provided either at a facility in Hawthorn or at your loved one’s home.

    What else does Hawthorn Grange offer with its respite care services near Camberwell?

    Apart from individualised care and support, Hawthorn Grange takes it a step further by offering a range of recreational activities that enrich the lives of our residents, promoting social interaction and mental stimulation. We are also specialised  in providing dementia care.

    How can I access your respite care services near Camberwell and what is the cost?

    You can access our respite care services by simply giving us a call at (03) 9819 5423 or by visiting our Hawthorn facility. Regarding the cost, we offer transparent pricing structures which allow you to make an informed decision regarding the best care option for your loved one.

    Why should I choose Hawthorn Grange for respite care services near Camberwell?

    Hawthorn Grange offers a safe, comfortable, and home-like environment where your loved ones will be cared for by our team of highly-trained caregivers. With the provision of specialised  dementia care, personalised care plans and 24/7 support, we provide a holistic approach to respite care. Moreover, we’re conveniently located for residents near Camberwell.