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Aged Care Services Balwyn

When it comes to Aged Care Services in Balwyn, Hawthorn Grange is the place to be. Our facilities are designed to give your loved ones the care, support, and lifestyle we deserve. Our valued services range from 24/7 Nursing Care, In-Home Care Services to excellent quality Home Care Packages, all tailored to meet the needs of elderly residents near Balwyn.

Our services extend to residents near Armadale, Canterbury, and Kew East. Our team aims to be accessible to seniors in a variety of communities. No matter your loved one’s needs, all of our care plans are personalised. If your family member struggles with mobility, we can create a care plan that is suitable for us, day and night. You don’t have to stress about their wellbeing.

Our daily care services include:

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Varied, high quality meals, fresh from our kitchen.

Daily activities lead by our qualified lifestyle team

Regular room cleaning

Assistance with personal care where required

Private Residential Care

In-Home Care Services in Balwyn

At Hawthorn Grange, our comprehensive range of aged care services provides quality care for your family with a personal touch. Whether you’re seeking in-home care services for a loved one or full residential support, our skilled team is dedicated to provide care with an emphasis on well-being and comfort.

In Balwyn, our 24/7 Nursing Care provides constant medical assistance to our residents. Our nursing staff are trained professionals well-equipped to monitor the health of your loved ones at all hours, providing a fast response to any emergencies.

Home Care Package: 24/7 Nursing Care

Our Home Care Package provides a range of services for your family’s needs and preferences. It offers a comfortable blend of professional care services within the space we know and love.

Our In-Home Care Services range from basic day-to-day care like grooming, meal preparation, medication monitoring, and more complex care for those requiring additional support. With Hawthorn Grange’s Home Care Package, your loved ones can continue to enjoy the familiarity of their own homes while receiving the professional medical care we require. we will always feel safe with our trustworthy, caring team.

Aged Care in Balwyn: More Than Basic Support

At Hawthorn Grange, our aged care services offer more than just basic support. We provide an engaging community where your loved ones can participate in social events, group activities, and enjoy outings with fellow residents.

Maintaining a healthy and vibrant lifestyle is central to our philosophy. From group exercises, card games, and board games to movies, arts, and crafts, music visits, and dancing, there is always a variety of recreational activities for our residents to enjoy.

Take A Tour

We encourage you to make the first step and book in a tour with our lovely community. We will show you the facilities, gardens, restaurant, hairdresser, movie cinema & much more.

Booking times are between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday

    Why Choose Hawthorn Grange for Aged Care Services in Balwyn?

    Choosing an aged care provider is a huge decision. At Hawthorn Grange, we make sure that our facility stands out as the best choice for Aged Care Services near Balwyn for several reasons.

    • Our Personalised Care: From the moment a resident joins our community, we develop a personalised care plan that meets their unique needs, guaranteeing their comfort and well-being.
    • 24/7 Nursing Care: We have a team of highly trained nurses available day and night to continuously monitor the health and welfare of our residents.
    • Respectful and Caring Professionals: Our staff is dedicated to providing empathetic and respectful care for every resident, promoting a positive and friendly environment.

    How Hawthorn Grange Offers Quality Aged Care Services in Balwyn

    Ensuring that your loved ones find comfort, security, and outstanding care is a top priority at Hawthorn Grange. Our highly trained staff, modern facilities, and comprehensive service approach combine to create a home-like environment that our residents love.

    If you’re interested in learning more about our services at Hawthorn Grange near Balwyn, the next step is a tour of our facility. Our friendly staff is eager to show you around, answer all your questions, and discuss how we can best meet the needs of your loved one. Contact us today at (03) 9819 5423.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Aged Care Services in Balwyn

    What kind of aged care services does Hawthorn Grange offer near Balwyn?

    Hawthorn Grange offers a comprehensive range of Aged Care Services in Balwyn. This includes 24/7 Nursing Care, In-Home Care Services, and  Home Care Packages. All these services are tailored to suit individual needs.

    Are Hawthorn Grange's Aged Care Services limited to near Balwyn only?

    No, Hawthorn Grange extends its Aged Care Services to areas like Armadale, Canterbury, and Kew East, making it accessible to seniors in various communities around Balwyn.

    What is included in the Home Care Packages offered by Hawthorn Grange near Balwyn?

    Hawthorn Grange’s Home Care Package offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to cater to your loved needs and preferences. These services range from basic day-to-day care like grooming, meal preparation, and medication monitoring, to more complex care for those requiring additional support.

    Why should I choose Hawthorn Grange for Aged Care Services near Balwyn?

    Hawthorn Grange stands out as an excellent choice due to their personalised care, round the clock nursing care, and respectful, caring professionals. we also host recreational activities designed to promote a vibrant and healthy lifestyle for the residents.

    How can I find out more about Hawthorn Grange's Aged Care Services in Balwyn?

    To learn more about Hawthorn Grange’s Aged Care Services in Balwyn, you can schedule a tour of their facility where their friendly staff will be more than happy to answer all your questions. You can contact us on (03) 9819 5423.