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Aged Care Services Richmond

Does your family member need additional assistance for physical or mental health reasons? From 24/7 nursing care to home care packages, Hawthorn Grange is proud to offer comprehensive aged care services for ageing residents near Richmond. Our care team is devoted to enhancing the quality of life for everyone, providing personalised care within a secure, friendly and warm atmosphere.

Whether your loved ones require full-time residential care or in-home care services, or if you’re seeking Respite Care while recovering from an illness, we’re here to offer the professional and compassionate care you deserve. WIth us, you don’t need to stress about the quality of care.

Our daily care services include:

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Varied, high quality meals, fresh from our kitchen.

Daily activities lead by our qualified lifestyle team

Regular room cleaning

Assistance with personal care where required

Private Residential Care

Comprehensive In-Home Care Services

Residents near Richmond, South Yarra and Hawthorn can experience the various aged care services of Hawthorn Grange. One of our primary offerings is the Home Care Package, which allows individuals to experience high-quality care, maintaining the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Hawthorn Grange’s Home Care Package includes various services such as social support, allied health, meals, cleaning, shopping, transport, medication assistance and much more. This package ranges from Level 1 Basic Needs to Level 2 High Care Needs, allowing our team to cater to different resident needs.

Life at Hawthorn Grange is not only about receiving excellent care, but embracing a vibrant, active lifestyle for the elderly. Our lifestyle team organises daily activities including group exercising, card games, arts and crafts, music visits, dancing, and even bus trips.

24/7 Nursing Care Near Richmond

One of the key features of Hawthorn Grange is our 24/7 nursing care. We understand that requirements can arise at any time of the day and we are always prepared. Our team of skilled and empathetic caregivers are always available to provide well-being and comfort to our residents.

Our 24/7 nursing care extends to all levels of assistance needed by our residents. From helping with daily routines like bathing and dressing to supervising medication, our care team makes sure everyone’s needs are taken care of in a timely, safe, and supportive environment.

Take A Tour

We encourage you to make the first step and book in a tour with our lovely community. We will show you the facilities, gardens, restaurant, hairdresser, movie cinema & much more.

Booking times are between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday

    Why Choose Hawthorn Grange For Aged Care Services Near Richmond?

    • Remarkable Caregivers: Our staff include Division 1 nurses and qualified health professionals selected for their commitment to caregiving and their ability to provide empathetic and personalised care.
    • High-Quality Lifestyle: We prioritise social interaction and mental stimulation through diverse daily activities and amenities, like our hairdressing room.
    • Specialised Dementia Care: We have special care programs in place for residents with memory-related conditions. You don’t need to stress about your loved one.
    • Transparent Pricing: We provide an honest and clear pricing structure, making it easier for families to make informed decisions about care options.
    • Home Care Packages: We provide in-home care services for those who prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes.

    Aged Care Services in Richmond – Investing in Quality of Life

    At Hawthorn Grange, we believe in providing care services that are more than just medical assistance. Our goal is to create an environment where your loved ones feel at home, comfortable, and valued.

    The individual care plans and 24/7 nursing support, combined with the amenities within walking distance, enable your family members to have an active, engaging, and independent life. With open communication and family-focused care, we assure to support not only the individuals but also their families during this transitional phase of life.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Aged Care Services Near Richmond

    What type of aged care services does Hawthorn Grange offer near Richmond?

    Hawthorn Grange offers comprehensive aged care services near Richmond, including 24/7 nursing care, home care packages, and respite care.

    Can I apply for in-home care services near Richmond from Hawthorn Grange?

    Yes, Hawthorn Grange provides Home Care Packages near Richmond designed to promote a stable, safe, and homely environment with professional caregiver support.

    What amenities are included in the aged care services provided by Hawthorn Grange near Richmond?

    Hawthorn Grange’s aged care services near Richmond include physical assistance, allied health services, social support, meals, cleaning, shopping, transport, and medication assistance according to need levels.

    Do you offer Customisable Aged Care Services near Richmond?

    Yes, Hawthorn Grange offers customisable aged care services in Richmond, with services ranging from basic needs to high care needs, ensuring we cater to different resident needs.

    How does Hawthorn Grange ensure quality in their aged care services near Richmond?

    Hawthorn Grange ensures quality in their aged care services in Richmond by providing 24/7 nursing care, remarkable caregivers including Division 1 nurses, a high-quality lifestyle with diverse daily activities, specialised dementia care, and transparent pricing.