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Aged Care Services Camberwell

At Hawthorn Grange, we offer excellent aged care services near Camberwell. Here we always strive to make our residents feel at home, offering customised support services designed for each individual’s needs. Whether your loved one has mental health problems or limited mobility, we can help.

We understand the importance of creating an environment that’s safe, reassuring, and comfortable for our residents. Our dedicated team always makes sure that your loved one can live a quality life full of compassion, care, and respect.

We also cooperate closely with family members, making sure to involve us in the care plan process. This allows us to establish effective communications, so everyone involved has peace of mind and understands the care the resident is receiving. All parties can feel safe and comfortable.

Our daily care services include:

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Varied, high quality meals, fresh from our kitchen.

Daily activities lead by our qualified lifestyle team

Regular room cleaning

Assistance with personal care where required

Private Residential Care

In-Home Care Package – Quality Care

At Hawthorn Grange, we offer In-Home Care Services which allows your loved one to continue living independently in their home near Camberwell. Our team of highly trained caregivers will create a personalised care plan for your loved one’s needs and preferences. Your family will always receive assistance with daily tasks.

We also provide 24/7 Nursing Care from a team of qualified nurses, offering medical support around-the-clock. This includes administering medication, monitoring vitals, and providing general health support, taking responsibility and showing compassion. With our caregivers on hand at all hours, resident healthcare needs will be met promptly and professionally.

Our Aged Care Services & Home Care Packages in Camberwell

At Hawthorn Grange, our residents near Camberwell have access to a variety of aged care services that can fit their individual needs. Our Home Care Package is designed with independence and comfort in mind, with services ranging from nursing care and daily task assistance to social support.

We offer a comprehensive care plan that includes services like meals, cleaning, shopping, transport support, and medication administration when required. Our services are geared to provide families with the confidence that their loved ones are well taken care of in their absence.

Whether your loved one requires assistance with daily chores, personal grooming, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or particular allied health services, we strive to provide care and support that improves their quality of life.

Why Choose Hawthorn Grange For Aged Care Services in Camberwell?

Choosing the right aged care service for your loved one can be a challenging task. However, here at Hawthorn Grange, we aim to make that choice easier. Here are a few reasons why Hawthorn Grange is an excellent choice for aged care services near Camberwell:

  • Family-Centred Approach: We engage family members in decision making and provide transparent and regular updates on the resident’s well-being.
  • High-Quality Services: We offer a wide range of quality care services designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of each resident.
  • Professional Healthcare Staff: All of our caregivers, nurses and health providers are highly trained, caring, and dedicated to providing the best care.

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    Navigating Your Way To Hawthorn Grange From Other Locations

    Whether you are a resident near Armadale, Malvern or Caulfield, Hawthorn Grange can provide you with a comfortable support system. Our services are accessible for families all across Victoria. It doesn’t matter if your family member struggles with physical or emotional issues, our care team is trained to help.

    Hawthorn Grange – Your Trusted Partner in Aged Care Services

    Choosing Hawthorn Grange’s aged care services in Camberwell means investing in life’s quality, security, and peace of mind for those you love most. We support our residents to live life to the fullest, maintaining their privacy, dignity, and independence. We believe in the importance of a welcoming and cosy environment and aim to make our residents feel at ease right from the start.

    Quality care often begins with a simple, friendly conversation. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our compassionate team at (03) 9819 5423. We are always ready to provide you with more information about our services and how we can best support you!

    Frequently Asked Questions for Aged Care Services in Camberwell

    What type of aged care services does Hawthorn Grange offer near Camberwell?

    Hawthorn Grange in Camberwell offers a wide range of aged care services which includes tailored In-Home care and 24/7 nursing services. we provide a dedicated team of highly trained caregivers and qualified nurses to meet your loved one’s needs.

    How does Hawthorn Grange ensure high-quality aged care services near Camberwell?

    Hawthorn Grange ensures high-quality aged care services in Camberwell through their team of highly trained caregivers, nurses and health providers who are dedicated to providing excellent care, and by creating care plans for each resident.

    How can one maintain their independence with the aged care services of Hawthorn Grange near Camberwell?

    Hawthorn Grange’s aged care services in Camberwell includes a Home Care Package that is designed with independence and comfort in mind. This service provides assistance with daily tasks, personal grooming, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, allowing your loved ones to continue living independently.

    Why should I choose Hawthorn Grange for aged care services near Camberwell?

    Hawthorn Grange offers a family-centred approach to caregiving, with high-quality services, professional healthcare staff, and transparency in communication. we engage with family members in decision-making processes, making us an excellent choice for aged care services in Camberwell.

    How can I contact Hawthorn Grange for more information about their aged care services near Camberwell?

    You can contact Hawthorn Grange at (03) 9819 5423 for more information about their aged care services in Camberwell. Their team is ready and willing to provide more information and assistance as needed.