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Respite Care Services Prahran

Hawthorn Grange provides personalised Respite Care Services near Prahran. Taking care of a loved one can be emotionally challenging and physically draining.

Hawthorn Grange provides a break for you and your loved one, offering respite services that blend compassionate care, within a reassuringly safe and welcoming environment.

In-Home Respite provides a caregiver with a much-needed break, with our qualified carers stepping in to your home, fostering a seamless continuity of care. This allows the primary caregiver to have assurance in knowing that their loved one still receives the necessary care and attention, even in their absence.

Whether you’re seeking a short-term solution after hospitalisation or simply need a few days respite from caregiving, Hawthorn Grange is ready to help.

Our daily care services include:

24 hour care, 7 days a week

Varied, high quality meals, fresh from our kitchen.

Daily activities lead by our qualified lifestyle team

Regular room cleaning

Assistance with personal care where required

Private Residential Care

Comprehensive In-Home Respite Care Near Prahran

We understand that each individual’s needs are unique, and we tailor our services to work in with their specific requirements. This can include Daily Living Assistance and In-Home Respite services, which focuses on maintaining the comfort and well-being of every individual, promoting independence whilst promoting the necessary support is available when required.

Our Daily Living Assistance provides a care system that emphasises a nurturing approach to care. We offer a variety of services from helping with personal hygiene and grooming, making sure meals are nutritious and match dietary needs.

Our Boutique Style Respite Care Services in Prahran

Hawthorn Grange’s Respite Care in Prahran offers an experience within a nurturing environment. Our respite residents are encouraged to engage with the various activities available, providing a sense of community and belonging. This boutique-style environment is designed to ensure that our residents feel a sense of inclusion and remain mentally stimulated and socially active.

Situated within close proximity to neighbouring suburbs including Malvern, South Yarra, and Toorak, this allows our residents to continue engaging in the local community, such as enjoying social events.

From group exercise sessions to arts and crafts, there’s always something to keep our respite residents connected and stimulated. Our aim is to create an environment that not only provides the necessary care and support but also enriches the overall quality of life for every individual.

Take A Tour

We encourage you to make the first step and book in a tour with our lovely community. We will show you the facilities, gardens, restaurant, hairdresser, movie cinema & much more.

Booking times are between 9 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday

    Why Choose Hawthorn Grange For Your Respite Care Services in Prahran

    Our respite care is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to quality, compassion, and individuality. Here’s why Hawthorn Grange is the right choice for your Respite Care needs in Prahran:

    • Professional Caregivers: Our care team consists of highly trained and qualified professionals who have the right skills to provide personalised quality care.
    • 24/7 Nursing Support: Access to prompt medical intervention is guaranteed throughout the day, providing safety and well-being.
    • Affordable Care: We believe in transparency in cost. You can rest assured that you’re getting the most value for every dollar spent.
    • Engaging Activities: We plan activities so residents remain engaged and motivated during their stay.
    • Personalised Care Plans: We believe in delivering care that’s specific to the individual, hence why we develop care plans taking into consideration the unique needs of each resident.

    How To Choose The Right Respite Care Services in Prahran?

    Hawthorn Grange encourages future residents to visit the facility, get a feel for the atmosphere, meet the staff, and explore the amenities on offer. Don’t hesitate to discuss any concerns you may have about respite care with our professional team, who are available to answer any questions or address any worries you may have.

    To get started with Hawthorn Grange’s respite care services, give us a call at (03) 9819 5423. Our team will guide you through the process, understanding your needs and prerequisites, ensuring your family member receives the best care possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Respite Care Services Prahran

    Does Hawthorn Grange provide Respite Care Services near Prahran?

    Yes, Hawthorn Grange provides personalised Respite Care Services near Prahran. Their services are designed to offer genuine compassionate care within a safe and welcoming environment.

    What includes in Hawthorn Grange's Respite Care Services near Prahran?

    Hawthorn Grange offers a wide range of services under their Respite Care near Prahran. This includes but is not limited to Daily Living Assistance, In-Home Respite service, nutritious meal preparation according to individual dietary needs, and assistance with personal hygiene and grooming.

    What Respite Care Services that Hawthorn Grange offers near Prahran?

    Hawthorn Grange’s ‘Boutique Style’ Respite Care Services near Prahran is an immersive experience involving various community activities aimed to keep the residents engaged, mentally stimulated, and socially active.

    Why should I choose Hawthorn Grange for Respite Care Services near Prahran?

    Hawthorn Grange boasts professional caregivers, 24/7 nursing support, affordable care, engaging activities, and personalised care plans, which makes us a top choice for your Respite Care needs near Prahran.

    How can I get started with Hawthorn Grange's Respite Care Services near Prahran?

    You can get started with Hawthorn Grange’s respite care services by simply giving us a call at (03) 9819 5423. Their team will guide you through the process, understanding the specific needs and prerequisites of your loved ones to make sure we receive the best possible care.